Consultation for Therapists

Being a therapist is a job unlike any other.


We’re constantly dealing with the ebbs and flows of human emotions.  And that is never, ever predictable and straight-forward.


So doing the work to support ourselves is absolutely crucial in this profession in order to prevent burnout.


After all, I highly doubt you went to grad school and all this time and energy to become a therapist just to feel overwhelmed and burnt out?  I know I definitely didn’t.


And so this is why I want to help you create a sustainable and supportive private practice for yourself that feels both nourishing and fulfilling.


In my Business Consultation for Therapists, I can help you:

  • Figure out the logistics on how to start your own private practice
  • Discover who your ideal clients are
  • Discover how you most like to do therapy based on your own personality, interests and strengths
  • Brainstorm various strategies to market your practice in a way that you enjoy
  • Get realistic about what you charge based on your needs
  • Establish systems and structures to help reduce stress and overwhelm


What to Expect


Consultation sessions are 50-minutes long and conducted over Zoom.  My approach is client-centered, yet direct and actionable.  Following our session, I will provide you with a PDF of some of the bullet points that we covered as well as some resources and things to think about post-session, so you will have a reference to help you put what we talked about into practice.


The fee per 50-minute session is $250.  Payment is processed at the time of booking.  You can schedule one session at a time based on your needs.  Upon booking, I will send you a form to fill out so I have a sense of what it is you are wanting to work on in the session beforehand.

I am not offering sliding scale at this time.


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